Business concept, objectives and strategies


Rottneros shall be perceived as a market leader that is able to meet the needs and high expectations of pulp customers.

Business concept

Rottneros' business concept is to be an independent, flexible supplier of customised and high- quality market pulp. Rottneros shall meet the needs of its customers by actively developing its products and providing an attractive service offering.

Objectives and strategies

Rottneros' overall objective is to achieve sustained profitability and yield a good return for the Group's shareholders. In order to provide sustained profitability, the Rottneros Group must offer products and services of the highest quality that will bring our customers clear added value. Capacity at the mills is also a key parameter in generating sustained profitability.

At Rottneros we generate profitable growth by:

  • Focus on selected niches
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased volume
  • The leader in service
  • Improved safety

Rottneros' growth strategy Agenda 500

Agenda 500 is a long-term industrial plan for the Rottneros Group with the overarching goal of achieving sustained profitability and providing a strong return for the Group’s shareholders. 

Within the framework of Agenda 500, we expand our production capacity and invest in strengthening and developing both employees and the Group. The planned capacity expansion will be carried out in two steps and the Rottneros Group will aim for production of up to 460,000-500,000 tonnes per year.