Rottneros produces pulp at two mills. In Vallvik, chemical pulp is produced and mechanical pulp is produced in Rottneros in Värmland. The third production unit, Rottneros Packaging, manufactures biobased food packaging. The Group also has a wood supply company in Latvia.


Rottneros Mill

At Rottneros Mill two categories of mechanical pulp are manufactured: CTMP and groundwood pulp. These pulps, are available in about 25 different varieties of products with varying properties, accounting for approximately 40 per cent of the Group’s production. The production capacity is around 170,000 tonnes per year, which makes the mill one of Europe's largest producers of mechanical pulp.


Vallvik Mill

At Vallvik Mill long-fibre chemical sulphate pulp is produced, which accounts for approximately 60 per cent of the Group's production. The sulphate process used is not only the most common process for production of chemical pulp but it also produces a stronger pulp. An impressive 99 per cent of fuel used at the mill today is fossil-free and 97 per cent of all chemicals are recycled.


Rottneros Packaging

At Rottneros Packaging high-quality food packaging is produced. The trays are made of pulp and are therefore an environmentally friendly packaging option. The products can withstand high heat and are ideal for convenience foods – both hot and cold dishes.


SIA Rottneros Baltic

Rottneros imports some of its pulp wood from Latvia by ship through its own subsidiary, SIA Rottneros Baltic, which represents a strategic component of the Rottneros Group’s pulp wood supply. SIA Rottneros Baltic is certified for traceability and has control of the origin of the wood. The imports are mainly for Vallvik Mill.

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