Producer of pulp for demanding customers' needs

Our mills

The Rottneros Group produces paper pulp at two pulp mills. Chemical pulp is produced at Vallvik, while mechanical pulp is produced at the mill in Rottneros. At Rottneros Mill the SilviPak brand food packaging is produced in small scale by the Rottneros Packaging subsidiary. The Group has a wood supply company in Latvia as well.

Rottneros Mill

Rottneros Mill produces two grades of mechanical pulp, groundwood and CTMP pulp. The mill has a production capacity of approximately 170,000 tonnes, which makes the mill one of the world's largest producers of mechanical market pulp. 121,600 tonnes were produced in 2012. The mill has just over 100 employees after the staff cuts made at the end of 2011. With this level of staffing, practical production capacity is around 150,000 tonnes.

Vallvik Mill

Vallvik Mill produces two grades of long-fibre sulphate pulp: fully bleached sulphate pulp, ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free) and unbleached sulphate pulp, UKP (Unbleached Kraft Pulp). The mill has an annual manufacturing capacity of approximately 240,000 tonnes and around 160 employees. In 2012, 208,800 tonnes were produced, representing an increase of 4.6 per cent compared with 2011.

SIA Rottneros Baltic

Rottneros' Swedish mills import a portion of their raw material mainly from Latvia through the subsidiary Rottneros Baltic SIA. These imports are mainly for Vallvik Mill. Rottneros Baltic SIA is a strategic part of the Rottneros Group's raw material supply system. The company also assists in wood procurement from the rest of the Baltic region, Russia and Belarus.

The workforce numbers are 5 in Latvia.