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The Rottneros share

Rottneros' shares have been listed on what is now NASDAQ OMX Nordic, Stockholm since November 1987. Rottneros is included in the Small Cap segment and is classified as a company in the Material sector. At the end of 2011, Rottneros had a market value of approximately SEK 316 (670) million. There were 17,222 (18,033) shareholders at the turn of the year. Foreign shareholders held 22.89 (21.77) per cent of Rottneros' capital. In 2011, Rottneros' share price fell from SEK 4.37 at the start of the year to SEK 2.11 at the end of the year, a reduction of 52 per cent.

The share capital amounts to SEK 153,4 million divided between 153,393,890 shares. All shares carry equal voting rights and equal rights to the company's capital and profit.

Possession of own shares

The Annual General Meeting held in 2011 authorised the Board to make decisions on transferring shares in the company (shares previously acquired under the company's buy-back programme) on one or several occasions during the period up until the next AGM. No such transfer has yet taken place. Rottneros' holding of treasury shares amounts to 821,965. This is corresponding to 0.5 per cent of the share capital.