About Rottneros

Rottneros is one of the world's leading specialist companies within pulp development and production. With knowledgeable employees, attractive service and constant product development, we work to optimize our customers' products and processes. The Rottneros Group is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm and has approximately 300 employees.

Value chain

The perfect coffee filter, a soft tissue and a cardboard packaging that keeps the food warm, all have one thing in common - the production begins in the woods.


Our value chain begins in the forest and wood is our most important raw material and input. In order to minimize transport and environmental impact, the ambition is always to purchase as much of the wood as possible from the neighboring areas.

Rottneros manufactures two main types of pulp - mechanical and chemical pulp - which are the basis of the Group's broad product portfolio. The pulp types are tailored to the customer's wishes and end use areas to provide you with a high-quality end product.


 Rottneros dates back to the 1630's when an iron hammer mill was started. At the end of the 1800's, the mill was adapted into a wood-pulp mill and today, Rottneros AB is a listed company with two pulp mills. We have almost 400 years of experience in development and 125 years of experience in pulp.


The first wood-pulp mill is built at Rottneros Falls, starting Rottneros’ move away from the iron industry and into forestry.


The Rockhammar Mill is acquired from the Arel family – its principal shareholder – and other shareholders. Following the acquisition Rottneros is listed on the stock exchange.


Vallviks Mill is acquired from AssiDomän.


Rottneros expands its operations and starts a new business area, Rottneros Packaging, for the production of trays made of pulp.


A preferential rights issue of SEK 225 million was carried out in 2009 as well as a set-off issue, which converted SEK 200 million of liabilities into shares. Rockhammar Mill was sold to Korsnäs AB per 1 April 2009. The operation at Rottneros’ pulp mill in Miranda Spain ceased at the turn of the year 2008/2009.