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Welcome to Rottneros. It is here that you have every opportunity to apply influence, build up knowledge and develop skills to achieve your full potential. Now that the world is transitioning from plastic to renewable materials, the time is ripe for you to become one of our key players. Your commitment can help raise the department to a new level, while your ideas can provide inspiration and open up new paths to development − both for you and for Rottneros as a whole. Irrespective of whether you work as an operator, an electrician, a laboratory technician or a financial specialist, you are just as important to Rottneros.

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We have an excellent working relationship with our local area, and by providing job opportunities, we help to boost prosperity in the region. Rottneros Mill, Vallvik Mill and Vallvik Rottneros Packaging all offer apprenticeship programmes at high school level to secure a steady supply of trained operators. We also run trainee programmes designed for people with university and college degrees. These programmes are developed in partnership with regional chambers of commerce and local authorities in those locations where we operate. Everyone who has completed these courses so far has been offered − and accepted − employment with our company. We also provide internships for school pupils, and we are more than happy to arrange study visits. When our training programmes are open for applications, we publish notification here on our website under “Positions vacant”.

Human ResourcesRottneros AB

Ida Mörtsell HR Manager +46 270 621 03