Meet our staff

Did you know that our organisation features more than 90 different job titles? Irrespective of whether you work as an operator, an electrician, a laboratory technician or a financial specialist, you are just as important to Rottneros. Meet some of our staff − different people representing different professions and providing different perspectives on what it is like to work for us.

Join the Rottneros family

Would you like to be part of our success story? You can see all the positions vacant at our units in Sunne, Rottneros and Vallvik. Our group is expanding in step with our investments, so we regularly seek reinforcements within several of our professional areas. The site also contains details of how to apply for a place on our operator training course. You are most welcome to subscribe for our job vacancy notifications!

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Working relationships within individual teams, showing respect, daring to say what you think and good feedback; these are some of the aspects highlighted as particularly positive in our most recent employee survey from 2019 (so said around 90% of respondents). Here are some of the comments:

  • Great managers, great people in general. Most of them are helpful and keen to share knowledge.
  • Think it’s a great place to work, I’ve always enjoyed working here.
  • A plant where we work together to solve problems, which means a more pleasant workplace and increased production.
  • An open workplace with a large surface area and a short distance between the local management and the workers on the shop floor.

A place to grow

  •  The group employs around 300 people
  • All employees are covered by collective labour agreements
  •  The average length of employment at Rottneros is 14 years