Annual General Meeting 2013

AGM of Rottneros was held on Friday 22 March 2013


Adoption of balance sheet and income statement

The AGM adopted the balance sheets and income statements for the parent company and the Group for the financial year 2012.


The AGM resolved not to adopt the Board’s proposed dividend, which means that no dividend will be paid.


The AGM granted the Board members and Managing Director a discharge from liability for the financial year 2012. The ordinary member Roger Asserståhl was re-elected. The new members Ernst Almqvist, Claes Aurell, Rune Ingvarsson, Per Lundeen and Kjell Olsson were elected. The AGM elected Rune Ingvarsson as Chair of the Board of Directors.

Compensation to Board members

The meeting decided in accordance with the proposal of Arctic Paper.

Nominating Committee

The meeting also approved the Nominating Committee’s proposed procedure for appointing members of the Nominating Committee and also the mandate of the Nominating Committee.


The meeting elected the registered public accounting firm Ernst & Young AB (with Björn Grundvall (Authorised Public Accountant) as auditor in charge until further notice) as the company's auditor until the end of the AGM in 2014.

Guidelines for remuneration

The meeting approved the guidelines for the remuneration for senior executives in accordance with the Board's proposal.