Pulp for electrical applications

World-leading niche product

Rottneros is a world leader in e-pulp, which was developed for use in electrical insulation materials, transformer boards and condenser paper. The e-pulp is produced at Vallvik mill and is available in several variations, where the cleanest pulp type is marketed under the name Robur Flash UKP-E and is used for applications such as insulation in high voltage marine cables. The pulp clearly holds a unique position in its niche.

Insulating properties that remain in harsh environments

E-pulp has unique insulating properties that have been continuously developed since the mid-1990s. The advanced production process and extensive washing have successfully achieved a purity that allows the pulp to be used as an electrical insulation material. End products are often used in applications that place high demands on consistency and favourable properties. Consequently Robur Flash UKP-E offers major advantages because of both the properties and the purity of the fibres.

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Pulp for electrical applicationsVallvik Mill

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