Safe use

The application range for Rottneros’ renewable moulded fibre products is broad. Hot or cold, wet or dry, foodstuff or industrial applications, the choice is yours. Based on sustainable, safe materials and well-established partnerships, we provide products that generate value and customer benefit.


User-friendly functionality

Moulded fibre trays open up a world of options. Deep freezing, pasteurisation, defrosting in a microwave or conventional oven ... there’s no end to the possibilities. The fibres feature fantastic insulating capacities that ensure that the dish remains cool and comfortable to handle even after heating. In addition, the high precision allows efficient industrial de-stacking and top sealing.


Barrier for the right application

Every application demands a unique functionality of the packaging. That is why we’ve teamed up with leading research institutes to produce options that meet the demands of the market. Our current product portfolio serves everything from fast food solutions, with lesser functionality, to gas-tight packaging with several weeks of shelf life in chilled condition.


Natural materials

We are committed to the highest possible level of food safety. That is why we make sure to keep undesirable chemicals such as mineral oils and PFAS well away from our production process. In addition to being completely biobased, fresh fibre assures high levels of purity and recyclability. All materials are approved for direct food contact in accordance with the Normpack standard.