Sustainable packaging solutions

Protect, preserve, and prolong the shelf-life of your foodstuff in an eco-friendly, moulded fibre tray without compromising on either form or function. Rottneros Packaging utilize fresh fibre of the highest quality, guaranteed free from persistent chemicals that otherwise risk harming us and our environment.


The value of your brand

Your brand needs to follow current trends to maintain its attractiveness. In today’s ever-changing environment, consumers are looking to make active choices to protect future generations. An eco-friendly, biobased fibre tray in a natural colour, excellent finish, clearly defined design and smooth surface enhances the perception of sustainability in your product.

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The sense of quality

Mechanically produced moulded pulp provides exceptional strength and rigidity at a remarkably low weight. These are all key properties for a climate-smart solution that does not compromise on function. Sustainable design needs to be functional. That is why it is important to us that your packaging solution is designed for your specific purposes and enhances the perception of high quality.


The shelf life of foods

Reducing food waste is crucial to minimizing the global climate footprint. Packaging solutions must ensure that foodstuff is appropriately protected from the time of packaging until displayed on store shelves. By providing eco-friendly food trays with increased barrier properties, we can ensure that the food is protected properly and stays fresh through the complete supply chain.