Our wood-based products are part of a natural and sustainable ecosystem with their beginnings in the forest. That is why responsibility for the environment permeates the entire Rottneros business. We place great value on reducing our environmental impact and our ambition is to conduct our business sustainably.

Skog Fixad

Our business begins in the forest, where we get our wood

Having the pulp wood supply as close to the mills as possible reduces both our environmental footprint and our transport costs. The systematic review of the Group’s transports shows that we can be pleased that the majority of our pulp wood comes from within a radius of 100 kilometres from the mills. This policy both reduces need for transports and contributes to the local economy.


Wood - A natural and renewable input

In general we are committed to reducing consumption of input goods and optimally using our resources. At Rottneros Mill CTMP and groundwood pulp are produced in two separate lines. Both processes are environmentally friendly because of their high use of raw materials at a rate 95-98 per cent and their low chemical consumption.


Decreased electricity consumption in focus at Rottneros

Our second largest input is electricity. At Vallvik Mill we produce our own electricity, which covers over 83% of the mill’s needs. At Rottneros Mill, however, the process is extremely power-intensive but the mill is unable to produce its own electricity. We are therefore continually working to reduce energy consumption per tonne of pulp at Rottneros Mill through improved processes and our choice of products. As a result Rottneros Mill has been able to reduce its electricity consumption by 14,6 per cent per produced tonne since 2011.

Gold from EcoVadis for our sustainability work

EcoVadis has been awarded the GOLD rating for the sustainability work made by Rottneros Bruk in 2021 with a total of 68 points out of 100 possible. This means that Rottneros Bruk is better than 94% of all other companies surveyed*.

Vallviks Bruk is evaluated later in the year and until then remains on the grade silver, with 64 points out of 100 possible. This is better than 91% of all companies surveyed *. The gold is also within reach for Vallviks Bruk.

EcoVadis evaluates suppliers based on issues of the environment, labor law and human rights, business ethics and sustainable purchasing. The result is reported in the form of points for the various categories, but EcoVadis also provides a list of the company's strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement. The evaluation is based on international standards for each area and can therefore be a valuable tool for us in our own sustainability work.

*) In total, almost 65,000 companies in over 160 countries have been assessed within the framework of the ranking system.

Contact environmental questions
Vallvik Mill

Christina Nyman Environment and Quality Manager +46 270 621 10 christina.nyman@rottneros.com

Contact environmental questions
Rottneros Mill

Christin Pihlgren Quality and Environment Manager +46 565 176 51 christin.pihlgren@rottneros.com


Fossil free mill in Vallvik

Because of the production process at Vallvik mill, 99 per cent of the energy used is fossil-free. The remainder consists of fossil fuel that is required when the plant starts running after the annual maintenance and repair shutdown. The forest industry today is society's biggest producer and user of biofuel and one of Sweden’s largest producers of green electricity, that is, electricity produced from biofuel.