Environmental Data

Rottneros constantly measure emissions, energy consumption and other environmental data in our mills.
By following emissions closely, we can also find new ways to reduce our environmental impact.

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Environmental and Energy Policy

We assume our environmental responsibility by ensuring that all production units within the Group comply with the environmental requirements laid down in acts and ordinances. Environmental objectives are followed up in conjunction with our financial reporting, and we engage in dialogue with stakeholders on the environmental impact of our activities and products. Our production units work to continuously improve the production process and our goal is that all investments in the mills will also benefit the environment.

Rottneros' environmental and energy policy

  1. All production units within the Group must comply with the environmental requirements imposed on our operations as laid down in laws and regulations.
  2. One of the goal’s of the environmental initiatives within the Group is to reduce emissions to levels that are economically feasible and environmentally justifiable. For energy consumption, the equivalent applies to the choice of energy sources. The main raw material in production – wood – is renewable and should come from sustainable sources, in accordance with the Rottneros Group’s traceability certification.
  3. All the relevant positions in the company should have the necessary expertise regarding the environment and energy, be conversant with the content of the Energy and Environmental Policy, and work proactively to ensure compliance with it.
  4. Sufficient resources must be allocated for energy management and environmental improvement work.
  5. The energy and environmental goals are monitored regularly in conjunction with the financial reporting.
  6. Dialogue is conducted with stakeholders regarding the impact of the business operations and the products on the environment and energy consumption.
  7. One of the goal’s regarding product and process development is to limit the environmental impact and reduce energy consumption in both the production and use of the Group's products. Product development should also lead to new areas of use that contribute to more sustainable development in society.
Items 1, 3 and 7 Factory Directors
Items 2, 4 and 5 President and CEO
Item 6 Supplier and Customer Managers
Approved by Rottneros AB's Board of Directors on June 30, 2021.