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Vallvik Mill is a world leader in niche markets with high quality requirements

Vallvik Mill in Söderhamn

Vallvik Mill produces long-fibre chemical sulphate pulps, and is among other things a global leading supplier of E-pulp and filter pulp. The sulphate process used is not only the most common process for production of chemical pulp but it also produces a stronger pulp. The factory's environmental impact is very limited thanks to the advanced circuit in the production process.

The mill dates back to 1908 and around 180 people work here.

97% of the coking chemicals used are recycled.

83% of the electricity is produced in the mill and 99% of the fuels used are fossil-free.

This year’s figures for Vallvik Mill

Production in 2022 amounted to 225,500 tonnes, an increase of approx. 1% compared to the previous year.


Recycling at the mill allows reuse of approximately 97% of the chemicals used. 69% of the electricity also comes from own production.


The mill’s investments during the year amounted to MSEK 59, with a focus on capacity, availability and cost reductions.


Robur Flash UKP

Our extremely pure unbleached pulp which has made Rottneros a global leading supplier of pulp for electrical insulation materials. The quality is also ideal for making liquid packaging and coffee filters.

More about Robur Flash UKP

Robur Flash ECF

Robur Flash ECF is our bleached pulp with high strength, purity and porosity, which helped us to become one of the world’s leading suppliers of pulp for air and liquid filters.

More about Robur Flash ECF

Areas of use

Air and liquid filters

The maximum purity and filtration capacity of the unbleached sulphate pulp makes it perfect for brown coffee filters and liquid packaging for example.

Air and liquid filters

Electrotechnical applications

Robur Flash UKP is extremely pure and well-washed and can therefore be used in the most demanding electrotechnical insulation materials.

Electrotechnical applications

Board and packaging

The pulp properties of Robur Flash make it ideal for liquid packaging and packaging in general - a growing market.

Board and packaging

Come and work for us

Welcome to Vallviks Bruk outside Söderhamn.
Regardless of whether you work as an operator, electrician, laboratory technician, economist or any of our other professional roles, you are just as important here with us.

Job opportunities

Working at Rottneros

Rottneros AB / Vallvik Mill


Rottneros AB / Vallvik Mill
PO Box 144
826 23 Söderhamn

Visiting address

Vallvik Mill

826 79 Vallvik