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Our values

Our values shape our company culture, the way we interact and how we build relationships with each other. It’s through our behaviour and actions that we can make a difference.

We get involved

We shall be a reliable part of the community and conduct our business with as little environmental impact as possible. Customers and employees must always get a positive feeling from Rottneros. We want our customers and the world to see us as an innovative company focused on the future. A company that is committed to the environment.

We respect everyone

We work hard to be a safe and modern employer, keeping up to speed with developments and valuing each individual. We encourage diversity and multiple opinions. This is the basis for our creativity and innovation drive.

We are professionals

We have high expectations of ourselves and each other. We always think about our own and others’ safety. We love solutions that combine research, technological development, eco-friendly products, and an understanding of the trends that motivate people’s behaviour and consumption patterns. We’re not satisfied before knowing, suggesting, and implementing in practice.

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