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Bleached and unbleached pulp

Rottneros likes to get involved in startups and new innovation projects

Thinking modern and acting fast is a good summary of Rottneros’ approach to innovation. A fearless mindset means that Rottneros is happy to test and collaborate with startups, enter into innovation projects and be open to new future opportunities.

Employees responsible for the Group's strategic sustainability work, energy management, digitization and quality development are part of Rottneros´ innovation team.

Meet Nils Hauri, head of the Innovation department


Recyclable screw caps

In the end of 2023 Rottneros became a co-owner in the Swedish start-up company, Blue Ocean Closure. The company has during its two years of operation, been focused on developing high-quality, bio-based and recyclable paper screw caps, using so-called vacuum press forming technology. The goal is to replace existing plastic solutions on a global market. Rottneros sees the business as a complementary to our work in ​​wet-moulding packaging solutions.

Blue Ocean Closures

Start-up involvement in Biosorbe and Ecopals

Being a small key player in a large market has its advantages. The partnerships with Ecopals have moved quickly from first contact to contract.  Ecopals uses Rottneros Packaging's technology for its product Greenwood, a building component that is both strong and lightweight, which can replace heavier components in such things as furniture and doors.

Biosorbe manufactures an absorbent that makes it possible to clean up, for example, oil in water. Rottneros has contributed expertise, electricity in the form of heat from the drying process and pulp from the mill. Biosorbs´ factory is located inside the gates of Rottneros Bruk.


Partner to Sting Bioeconomy

If you don’t have your own research department, you have to work smarter. Rottneros collaborates with Sting Bioeconomy, a company that supports startups and business ideas in the bioeconomy sector. It’s a partnership that allows Rottneros to find others with ideas that correspond to Rottneros’ future thoughts on biocircularity and new areas of use for the clean pulp the mills produce. The picture on the left shows the product Greenwood by Ecopals, mentioned in the paragraph above.

Sting Bioeconomy

Energy and sustainability

The innovation team are also working on energy and sustainability. A logical solution as energy use is an important part of being able to work sustainably in the long term. It is equally important to incorporate innovative thinking into sustainability efforts. Sustainable behaviours and practices involve employees as much as technological solutions. Read the interview with our energy expert Anna Boss.

Interview with the Energy Specialist

Rottneros Packaging

The growing subsidiary Rottneros Packaging focuses on developing molded fiber for recyclable, fiber trays and more for replacing plastic. The idea was born at Rottneros around the year 2000 and led to an innovation project that received international attention. The project was transferred to a company and the product is today called Nature by Rottneros.

Innovation has a strong focus on helping Rottneros to develop in a sustainable way for the future. 

Rottneros Packaging

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