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Financial targets


Solid finances, good customer relations, high pulp quality and constantly growing production are some of our success factors for long-term growth and sustainable profitability.

Other Sustainability targets

Outcome for 2023
Distribution of net profit

A robust balance sheet allows for a good dividend to shareholders. The board's proposed dividend is 63 percent of net profit, which exceeds our long-term target of between 30 and 50 percent.

Annual growth

The long-term goal is an annual growth of the production volume of 3 percent. This is to counteract inflation within fixed costs. During the year, the annual goal was reached, with a growth of 3 percent.

Alternative revenue flows

During the year, the share of revenue that does not come from the sale of pulp rose to 10 percent compared to 9.3 the previous year. Thus, we have reached the goal of 10 percent by 2023. By increasing the share of revenue that does not come from pulp sales, the dependence on variations in pulp prices and exchange rates is reduced.

Equity/Assets ratio history

The year gave an equity/assets ratio of 66 percent and a solid balance sheet.
Our long-term goal is over 50 percent to maintain the strong equity/assets
ratio and low debt.

Customer satisfaction

By means of a combination of flexibility and a high and consistent pulp quality, we create maximum value for our customers. Rottneros’ service level in our technical customer service, our logistics solutions, and our long-term and close customer relations give us a strong position in the market, which few competitors can rival. The Group’s extensive product range and short decision paths make us agile and flexible.

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