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Rottneros’ strategy focuses on market leadership within our selected niche markets and increasing the share of sales that go to markets with good growth and profitability. The organisation is also working purposefully to identify additional segments with growth where Rottneros’ competitive advantages can be exploited.

Niche markets where Rottneros has clear competitive advantages

Board and packaging

The Group is focusing on, among other things, increasing pulp for board and packaging production. Our market position already has a strong foundation here.

In the air and liquid filter pulp market too, continued growth is expected based on Rottneros’ global leader position.

Air and liquid filters

Continued growth is expected in the market for pulp for air and liquid filters, based on Rottneros' globally leading position.


Another important product is E-pulp, which is ideal for electrical insulation in transformers. The strong economic expansion in Asia and Latin America is contributing to increased demand now and in the future.

The ongoing transition towards renewable energy sources is also an important driving force. It allows more transformers to be built, increasing demand for E-pulp. Wind farms are often located far from electricity users. This means that completely new infrastructure needs to be built up. The increase in electric cars also requires a new infrastructure to ensure charging facilities.

Application areas


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