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The use of cellulose fibre for the production of paper, cartonboard, textiles and sanitary products the world over, amounts to approx. 412 million tonnes a year (2022). Just over half of this consists of recycled fibre. The remainder is so-called new fibre from coniferous and deciduous trees, approx. 190 million tonnes a year.

Rottneros sells market pulp

Approximately 40% of the new fibre (78 Metric Tonne) consists of market pulp from non-integrated use, without own refinement. Based on global use of cellulose fibre, market pulp accounts for 19%.

Almost half of the market pulp in the world is chemical long fibre pulp produced from conifer wood, such as that which Rottneros produces at Vallvik Mill. The share of mechanical pulp is relatively modest.

Europe, which is Rottneros’ main market, consumes just over 19 million tonnes of market pulp annually, which corresponds to about 24% of global use. About half of all the market pulp in the world, around 36 million tonnes, is used in Asia.

Rottneros’ suppliers and sales organisation

Sales on the Asian market are made with the help of trading companies, and account for approx. 25% of Rottneros’ total sales. We work with agents In North America and the south-westerly parts of Europe.

Approx. 66% of Rottneros’ total sales, based on turnover, are made to Europe, approx. 24% to Asia and approx. 9% to North America.

Rottneros positioning

Application areas for our products

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