Vallvik Mill

Vallvik Mill manufactures long-fiber chemical sulfate pulps and is, among other things, a globally leading supplier of E-pulp and filter pulp. In 2022, 222,500 tons of pulp were produced at the mill. The sulfate process used is not only the most common process for production of chemical pulp, but it also produces a stronger pulp. The factory's environmental impact is low thanks to the advanced cycle of the production process. 

Vallvik Mill is in Hälsingland

  • The mill dates from 1908 and about 180 people works here.
  • 97 percent of the cooking chemicals used are recycled.
  • 83 percent of the electricity is produced in the mill and 99 percent of the fuels used are fossil-free.

Vallvik Mill AB

Adress Vallvik Mill AB 826 79 Vallvik