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Rottneros appoints Nomination Committee for the 2013 AGM

2012-10-15, 15:30
 - Non regulatory

Olle Grundberg (Nemus Holding AB) has thereby been appointed Chair of the Nominating Committee, with Jan Alkmark (Danske Bank A/S, Denmark (Swedish branch)) and Kjell Ormegard (Chair of the Board of Rottneros AB) as other members.

According to the instructions resolved by the general meeting, it is the duty of the Nominating Committee to prepare and present proposals to the general meeting for the election of chair and other board members, as well as the board fee to be divided between the chair and other board members and any remuneration for committee work, election of and fee for an auditor, as well as for the election of chair at annual general meeting (AGM).

Shareholders wishing to submit views or present proposals to the company’s Nominating Committee may do so by email to: or by letter to Rottneros AB, FAO: Nominating Committee, Box 70 370, SE-107 24 Stockholm, Sweden. Such views or proposals should have been received by the Nominating Committee well in advance of the AGM in order to be considered, and in any event no later than Thursday 28 February 2013.

The AGM will be held in Stockholm on Thursday 18 April 2013.


For further information please contact:

Olle Grundberg (Chair of the Nominating Committee), mobile +46 70 654 44 20

Kjell Ormegard (Chair of the Board), mobile +46 70 668 93 76


Rottneros discloses the information provided herein pursuant to the Securities Markets Act and/or the Financial Instruments Trading Act. The Information was submitted for publication on Monday 15 October 2012 at 15.30 CET.


Rottneros is an independent producer of market pulp. The Group comprises the parent company Rottneros AB, listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm, and its subsidiaries Rottneros Bruk AB and Vallviks Bruk AB with operations involving the production and sale of market pulp. The Group also includes the wood procurement company Rottneros Baltic SIA in Latvia. The Group has around 298 employees and had a turnover of approximately SEK 1.5 billion in the 2011 financial year.


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