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Rottneros launches Bulk Booster which increases carton board bending stiffness by 30 percent without increasing weight

2015-06-29, 08:43
 - Non regulatory

Carton board is a generic name for thick paper qualities used for the production of carton board for packaging of food or other products and in graphic contexts. Carton board is made from either recycled fiber or virgin fiber pulp.

Bulk Booster has been developed by Rottneros Bruk during the last year, and has been tested at full commercial scale at several carton board manufacturers. The product is a High Yield Pulp, which is produced in Rottneros Bruk's unique production lines.

Bulk Booster’s special feature is the increases of the bulk or thickness of the carton, in this aspect it is superior to other available products. This means that you get a thicker board for the same weight of raw material in the manufacturing process. This has significant advantages when it comes to optimizing production economy in carton board production. A moderate mixing with Bulk Booster can increase the bending stiffness in carton board with up to 30 percent, says Olle Dahlin, CEO at Rottneros Bruk who has visited many customers during the development period.

Development of Bulk Booster from idea to commercial success has been a team effort within Rottneros Bruk and has involved a large part of the staff. Fredrik Danielsson, technical sales manager and Nils Hauri, production manager, who has led the development believes that the interest that carton board manufacturers demonstrated during the project, shows there is a great need for Bulk booster on the market.

Rottneros CEO Per Lundeen says that the two mills in Rottneros Group, Vallviks Bruk and Rottneros Bruk, with their specialized pulp has been successful in its market positioning towards more and more specialized products used in paper production for non-graphic products.



For further information please contact:

Olle Dahlin, VD Rottneros Bruk AB +46703667300


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