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Rottneros develops eco-friendly food packaging and builds a new production line

2017-06-29, 11:30
 - Non regulatory
Rottneros has developed a food packaging tray for fresh food and take away. The tray is manufactured entirely with wooden raw material and is both recyclable, renewable and degradable. The new product has been developed at Rottneros’ facility in Sunne, Sweden where a completely new production line for the trays is currently building. The tray will replace today's plastic alternatives and will be used for convenience food, meat in grocery stores and take away food.

The tray is based entirely on Swedish wooden raw materials and can withstand moisture and keep the food fresh. To further develop the product, Rottneros is committed to developing environmentally friendly and biodegradable trays that at the same time can withstand moisture and fat from the food. Depending on the use, plastic is either completely eliminated or greatly reduced in products with high barrier requirements, as a renewable and degradable type of plastic can also be used.

– We are very pleased to be able to present a product based on Swedish wooden raw materials, developed by Rottneros, that we will have the opportunity to start manufacturing and supplying to the food industry. In addition, it is a product that is far ahead in the development, says Kasper Skuthälla, Managing Director of Rottneros Packaging.

The development of the tray from idea to commercial product has been a teamwork and involved large parts of the staff. Henrik Grankvist, Production Manager, who has lead the development work believes that the interest shown by the food industry during the project shows that there is a great need for environmentally friendly trays of this type.

Rottneros CEO Lennart Eberleh, says that this is a very interesting step in the development of Rottneros Packaging and demonstrates the future potential of sustainable packaging solutions. Rottneros Packaging fits well with the company's niche strategy and the growth phase the group is currently in.

For more information please contact:

Kasper Skuthälla, Managing Director Rottneros Packaging AB, +46 731 81 11 80


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