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Pulp for every occasion

2018-02-27, 12:04
 - News
The possibilities for what our pulp can be used for are more than we can count. Wallpapers, packaging, air filters, electrical applications and laminate floors are just a few examples of end uses for our products. With a wide range of mechanical pulp as well as bleached and unbleached chemical pulp we’re ready to help with your special requirements.

Decorating your home from top to bottom

Decorative laminate floors are examples of end products where saturated paper is used. They are made of paper impregnated with thermosetting resin. The laminate is composed of a sheet of decor paper and sheets of saturated base paper. For producing this saturated base paper, Rottneros High Yield Pulp is an excellent choice. Our High Yield Pulp is also perfect for making wallpaper. The high opacity ensures that the substrate doesn’t shine through while the good dimensional stability ensures that the wallpaper remains perfect at all times, even in wet and damp conditions.

Labels and insoles that stand the test of time 

Our tailor-made pulp fibre blends have also proven to be excellent base materials for many of the leading jeans manufacturers throughout the world. Rottneros world-leading flash dried pulp provides an open fibre structure, where the long softwood fibres guarantee excellent strength and absorption, which are important properties of the end products in this segment such as label packaging and shoe insoles. Made out of natural cellulose fibre and other additives, the products can be printed, laminated, coated or screen printed to suit current trends.

Environmentally friendly materials in your kitchen

Greaseproof paper simplifies kitchen work worldwide while improving hygiene levels. The most important functional property is the resistance to grease, fat and oil. Additionally, it is more environmentally friendly than materials such as aluminum and teflon. Our high-quality and specially designed Kraft Pulp, Robur Flash, provides the perfect balance between tensile strength and tearing, guaranteeing a strong and reliable greaseproof paper.

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