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Rottneros announces date for possible payment to noteholders

2019-10-04, 17:50
 - Non regulatory

Rottneros AB (publ) (“Rottneros”) announced on 2 October that holders of its notes with ISIN SE0010297804 voted yes to the request to waive the distribution restriction in the terms and conditions of the Notes.

The Board of Directors of Rottneros has today, 4 October, given notice of an extraordinary general meeting to be held on 4 November 2019.

Provided that the shareholders of Rottneros resolve to make the extra dividend at the extraordinary general meeting, the record date for payment of the base fee to holders of Rottneros’ notes with ISIN SE0010297804, will be 5 November 2019. The payment date for the base fee and, for those that are eligible to receive it, the early bird fee, will be 12 November 2019.

For more information please contact:
Monica Pasanen, CFO, Rottneros AB, + 46 70 581 40 19 

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