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The researchers at Vallvik

2019-05-08, 16:15
 - News

The project ”Researchers at the castle” is a meeting place for the exchange of knowledge, ideas and good examples. During the spring, a seminar was held in Rottneros AB Vallvik Mill. The theme was profitable and sustainable companies.

- We want to increase collaboration between people, companies and academia. We must go out to the country-side to meet a wider audience, the county governor Per Bill explained the change of location from Gävle castle to Vallvik pulp mill just outside Söderhamn.

One of the lecturers was Rottneros’ President and CEO Lennart Eberleh. Rottneros as a group is well aware that it is the people in the companies that make a difference.

- At the end of the work shift, when it is time to go home, employees should be satisfied, explained Lennart Eberleh.

The social sustainability, that the staff feel good and develop, is one of three important parts of being a sustainable company. The others are a positive financial development and fulfilled environmental goals.

Rottneros also participates in a major EU project and conducts research to develop sustainable products and customer offers.

The “Researchers at the castle” is a collaboration between the University of Gävle, the County Administrative Board Gävleborg and Region Gävleborg.

You can read more about the project “Researchers at the castle” at the University of Gävle's website

The county governor Per Bill opens the seminar. 

Rottneros is an independent producer of market pulp. The Group comprises the parent company Rottneros AB, listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, and its subsidiaries Rottneros Bruk AB and Vallviks Bruk AB with operations involving the production and sale of market pulp. The Group also includes Rottneros Packaging AB, which manufactures fibre trays, and the wood procurement company SIA Rottneros Baltic in Latvia. The Group has about 300 employees and had a turnover of approximately SEK 2.3 billion in the 2018 financial year.

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