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Rottneros webcasts interim report

2020-04-22, 17:11
 - Non regulatory
On April 27 at 11am, Rottneros presents the interim report for the first quarter of 2020,
via a webcast. All participants can follow the presentation live via the web link, where
it is also possible to ask questions in writing.

The hosts for the broadcast are Lennart Eberleh, President and CEO, and Monica Pasanen, CFO. The presentation will be held in Swedish. Questions can be asked in English.

The webcast will take place at 11.00-12.00 via the link: 

The webcast will be saved and are available afterwards on Rottneros website:

For more information please contact:
Lennart Eberleh, President and CEO, Rottneros AB, +46 (0)270 622 65
Monica Pasanen, CFO, Rottneros AB, +46 (0)270 622 70


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