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Rottneros and KAPSU to jointly develop a new, innovative plastic free beverage solution

2021-10-27, 08:00
 - Non regulatory
Rottneros is partnering with KAPSU, a startup company within the beverage industry, based in Karlstad, to develop and produce a new plastic-free beverage solution. The new container will be made of 100% fiber from local certified forests.

The aim is to use their groundbreaking solution to transform the beverage industry through competitive plastic-free solutions, resolving an environmental challenge that people face every day, globally.

The solution features a three-part system; a stainless-steel bottle, a container made of 100 percent fiber containing the drink mixes and KAPSU´s own lid technology. The container will be manufactured by Rottneros Packaging. Main focus will be on healthy, functional drinks which are nutritious and low on sugar.

The new product will be part of Kapsu´s innovative system and will be the first of its kind, completely plastic free.

“It is very encouraging to see how our knowledge within moulded fiber can be used in multiple applications. Partnering with KAPSU increases our reach and is another manifestation of our ambition to contribute to development through collaboration. We are very happy to offer KAPSU an opportunity to further develop their brilliant idea into a sustainable innovation”, says Lennart Eberleh, CEO of Rottneros.

“Cooperating with Rottneros in this critical phase of our development journey is crucial, they have the knowledge of the industry and the resources to investigate and develop the perfect solution for our system. KAPSUs system will be just as advantageous for the consumer as for the environment thanks to Rottneros technologies”, says Carlos Perdomo, CEO of KAPSU.

KAPSU offers a solution to customers seeking alternatives to traditional plastic bottles. Its mission is to offer the ultimate beverage system for the future, completely plastic free.


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