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Rottneros announces price hike for High Yield Pulp

2021-10-27, 13:59
 - News
Rottneros announces price hike of 75 USD/ton for all new orders effective 1st of November 2021. The increase is implemented on all High Yield Pulp grades and for all destinations.

The increase reflects rapidly increasing input costs for energy and particularly electricity as well increases for chemicals and transportation.

Rottneros is a supplier of fibre for selected niches, speciality paper and board applications. Rottneros offers a wide selection of High Yield and Kraft Pulp (bleached and unbleached) made from sustainably managed Nordic soft wood forests.

Kasper Skuthälla
Sales and Business Development Director, Rottneros AB

For more information:
Erik Gillberg
Head of Sales, Mechanical Pulp, Rottneros AB
Mobile: +46 70 343 10 34


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