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Rottneros decides on environmental investments at Vallvik Mill

2021-01-08, 11:31
 - Non regulatory
Rottneros’ Board has decided on investments to reduce emissions to water at Vallvik Mill. The investments amount to a total of SEK 33 million and are linked to the mill's updated environmental permit, which has now gained legal force, allowing an annual pulp production of 255,000 tons.

The decision means that a number of measures will be taken to reduce emissions to water. They will be implemented during the mill's annual maintenance shutdown in 2021. The majority of them are aimed at increasing the proportion of emissions treated in the mill's biological treatment plant, as well as improving the efficiency of the fiberline and thereby minimizing emissions from the bleaching process.

"The investments mean that the Group takes further important steps towards a more sustainable Rottneros and that the process for a renewed environmental permit for Vallvik Mill is completed," says Lennart Eberleh, President and CEO, Rottneros.


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