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Rottneros takes the next step towards production of fibre trays in Poland

2023-02-17, 14:00
 - Non regulatory
Rottneros takes the next step for the agreed joint venture project in Packaging in Poland by formally founding the 50/50-owned company together with Arctic Paper. The aim of the company is to build and run the factory to produce moulded fibre trays on a large industrial scale. The project is on schedule and the factory is expected to begin operations at the end of 2023.

Investment in the factory is expected to total the equivalent of around 230 MSEK. Production capacity is expected to reach some 80 million units per year, which is significantly more compared to the plant in Sunne. The company expects to achieve a turnover of around 140 MSEK once operating at full capacity.

Production will focus on, among other things, high-barrier packaging with extended shelf life for food, but also on packaging with simpler functional requirements. The trays can handle high heat and are excellent for frozen or chilled food. The raw material consists of pulp from Rottneros Mill.

”It is with much delight that we are now seeing our large project with Arctic Paper in sustainable packaging solutions in Poland taking the next step. The aim is to use the plant as a model to demonstrate both the high quality as well as a scalable and competitive production, in addition to supplying the market with fossil free packaging solutions. The project thus constitutes a milestone for showing that the technology we developed in Sunne also works on an industrial scale”, says Lennart Eberleh, Rottneros’ CEO and President.



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