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Invitation to Rottneros’ year-end and interim report for Q4 2023

2024-01-19, 09:00
 - Non regulatory
The interim report for the fourth quarter 2023 will be published on 1 February 2024, at 8.00 CET, and is followed by a live webcast at 12.00 CET the same day.

All participants can follow the presentation via the web link:

Rottneros' year-end report 2023 - Finwire

Questions can be asked via the link in advance or during the presentation.
You can also watch the presentation afterwards via
Rottneros'  Youtube channel
and website:

The presentation will be held in English. Questions can be asked in English or Swedish.

For further information please contact:

Lennart Eberleh, President and CEO, Rottneros AB,

+46 (0) 270 622 65,

Monica Pasanen, CFO, Rottneros AB,

+46 (0) 270 622 70,

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