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Emil Lundh, Development Engineer

Emil Lundh has been a development engineer in the Innovation Department since September 2023. He tells us here about his journey from his thesis to permanent employment at Rottneros.

Since June this year, Emil can call himself a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, after having studied three years at Karlstad University, and before that also one year at Chalmers in Gothenburg. The choice of subject was easy.
- I can’t believe that some people aren’t interested in chemistry as it’s so much fun!

“I’ve invented my method myself”
Emil Lundh has previously worked in the laboratory at Vallvik Mill during the summer, and also did his thesis here, which was about chlorine dioxide production.
- My thesis was about methods for process analysis, i.e. seeing how the plant works, says Emil.

Usually, Vallvik Mill brings in consultants from the manufacturer to check the efficiency of the chlorine dioxide plant.
- I certainly don’t do it the same way they do, but I’ve invented my own method in any case. The method has been successfully tested.

 "The people working here are very nice”
Emil has had one of the production engineers as his supervisor during the 20 weeks of his thesis project.
- Emil got thinking right from the start and is very self-motivated. He has made his own contacts, pushed ahead and been pro-active. I have only good things to say. My role has been to provide support and a sounding board, explains Pär in his role as supervisor.

Emil is also happy. He has most recently worked with the operators at the bleach plant and his supervisor.
- I enjoyed it and thought it was a lot of fun. My workmates were great fun, as the people working here are very nice.

To apply theoretical knowledge in the field
Emil has also learned a lot about chemical engineering in practice and been able to apply his theoretical knowledge in the field.
- It’s easy to live in a world of your own with your sample jars when studying. Now I’m looking forward to going back to work, I’ve really missed working life, says Emil.

If anyone wants to discuss such things as chemistry or chlorine dioxide production, you can find Emil here >>

Emil’s thesis can be downloaded here: Chlorine dioxide production Emil Lundh.pdf

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