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Hanna Hummel, Quality Manager
at Rottneros Packaging

Hanna Hummel works as a quality manager at Rottneros Packaging in Sunne. ”In this workplace, you face new challenges every day and are constantly growing. I have developed enormously as a person since I started in 2018.”

Hanna Hummel

Ensures compliance with high standards
The high quality is characteristic of Rottneros Packaging’s products. It is Hanna Hummel’s responsibility, among other things, to ensure that the company delivers what it promises.

- An important part of my work involves liaising with our customers and understanding their specific quality requirements. In order to ensure that the production process and products fulfil the requirements and our quality standards, I’m also responsible for the implementation and monitoring of our quality procedures.

Even in new projects, especially those involving the introduction of new machines or products, Hanna Hummel plays an important role in quality validation.

Developed enormously from the start
Hanna Hummel is proud of her progress at Rottneros Packaging. She started in 2018 as an industrial apprentice and worked on three different shifts during her first year. She then went on to work daytime in product development and quality, in several different roles.

- I love the daily challenges and the fact that I’m constantly developing and learning new things. I have the freedom to have an influence on both the workplace and my own role here, says Hanna.

Hanna will continue to improve and be challenged
In her profession, Hanna’s ability to solve problems creatively along with her versatility is very useful.

- Sitting in the office one day and being involved in operating machines or screwing units the next day is incredibly rewarding for me. Having nice colleagues and fun at work is also something I appreciate a lot, she says.

Hanna wants to continue to be challenged and develop in the field - not only further improving product quality and processes, but also testing and implementing new machines and processes in collaboration with the Innovation Department.

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