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Yukari Tsuji, Process Engineer at Rottneros Packaging

After many years of studies in International Relations in Japan, Yukari Tsuji changed career path to become an engineer. “In engineering, there are lots of jobs to choose from. I’ve never regretted changing careers,” says Yukari after three years in the profession and ten years in Sweden.

Yukari Tsuji

From conflict studies to chemistry and physics
When Yukari was an exchange student in France, she met a guy and moved to Gothenburg with him to study Conflict Studies and Peace at University. But it was here that she discovered her interest in chemistry and decided to pursue a new career as an engineer in chemistry and physics.

- I’ve actually been curious about the subject since I was young, but the complex maths at school in Japan made me hesitate. 

Sparked to develop something new
Her first job after graduating was as a process engineer at the company NOTE in Torsby, which manufactures electronics-based products. After two years at NOTE, a similar position came up at Rottneros Packaging, which she applied for - and got.

- Sustainability issues are something I am passionate about and after a course in paper technology, I realised how complex and comprehensive the domain is. I also knew about Rottneros Packaging and that they were at the forefront of their field, says Yukari.

Develops and optimises flows and processes
Rottneros Packaging in Sunne is a development centre for moulded fibre. As a process engineer, Yukari develops and optimises flows and processes from a long-term perspective. The role involves a lot of responsibility and she needs to be curious and participate in other projects besides production.

- Imagine that I might be the first person to find and develop something completely new in a certain field. That would be great, exclaims Yukari.

Has a say in her own role and is taken seriously
The fact that Yukari is the first and only process engineer in the company means that she has a lot of opportunity to have a say in her own situation and shape her professional role. She thinks that working in a smaller company has only advantages:

- Here you work closely with your colleagues, you know who to ask and it’s easier to be accepted by those around. The extent of the service means I get a good overall picture and varied working days, and it’s up to me how I organise this.

Relaxed and friendly people in Torsby, Värmland
She also enjoys living in Torsby. Here Yukari has friends, acquaintances and several compatriots.

- I feel that the people in Värmland are very relaxed and friendly. They are curious and want to get to know newcomers. In a big city, I would be much more anonymous, says Yukari.

In the evenings, when the computers and machines fall silent, other sounds fill Yukari’s ears:

- It may come as a surprise to some, but I love American punk rock!

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