Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee is responsible for preparing and presenting proposals in respect of the Chair of the Board and Board members, fees for the Board (distributed between Chair, members and committees), chair of the AGM, fees for and election of auditors together with proposed guidelines for the Nomination Committee. The Nomination Committee's proposals shall be submitted in conjunction with the notice for the forthcoming AGM.

Shareholders have an opportunity to refer to the Nomination Committee with proposed nominations.

The Nomination Committee 2022

The AGM 2021 resolved to have the following composition for the Nomination Committee prior to the AGM 2022: the Chair of the Board, who shall not chair this committee, and two additional members, one of whom shall be appointed by the company's largest shareholder and the other who shall be appointed by any of the company's other four largest shareholders. Neither of these two committee members shall be a member of the board.