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Rottneros refinances existing sustainability linked long-term facilities

2023-06-30, 15:30
 - Non regulatory
Rottneros has entered into a new loan agreement with Danske Bank whereby its existing long-term facilities will be refinanced. The new facilities amount to a total of 250 million SEK divided into a term loan facility of 100 million SEK and a revolving loan facility of up to 150 million SEK.

As before, the loan agreement includes a sustainability link, which means that the interest rate terms are linked to some of the environmental and work environment criteria in the Group's long-term targets. The link is part of Rottneros' continuous focus on sustainable development.

The facilities and the loan agreement have a maturity of two years, with a one-year extension option. The interest rate for both the term loan facility and any revolving credits used under the loan agreement is based on STIBOR 3 months plus interest margin.

The revolving credit facility will be used for general corporate purposes when needed. The previous loan agreement included a term loan facility of 150 million SEK and a revolving credit facility of up to 100 million SEK.

For further information, please contact:
Monica Pasanen, CFO, Rottneros AB, +46 (0)270 622 70,

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