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New brand - Spring by Rottneros marks the Group's investment in CTMP

2024-02-27, 08:00
 - Non regulatory
Today, Rottneros introduces our brand; Spring by Rottneros - the same high-quality CTMP pulp as before but now with its own name. In connection with the brand introduction, the article structure is also simplified to harmonize with the usual way of classifying different CTMP qualities on the market.


- We have a strong brand for our chemical pulp, Robur Flash. Now we want to create an equally strong brand for our CTMP quality, says Kasper Skuthälla, Rottneros Sales and Business Development Manager.


Spring by Rottneros is a quality primarily developed for the needs of the growing cardboard market and can also be adapted for a range of other special applications. It is approved for food contact and can be obtained as environmentally certified.


- Significant investments in increased capacity, renewable energy production at Rottneros Mill and new development opportunities are an excellent opportunity to name our product, says Kasper Skuthälla.


The Group's other brands:

Robur Flash UKP and ECF – our unbleached/bleached sulphate pulp, manufactured by Vallvik Mill and Nature by Rottneros - molded fiber packaging, manufactured by Rottneros Packaging.


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For further information please contact:

Kasper Skuthälla, Sales and Business Development Director

+46 731811180,



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