Rottneros Mill

At Rottneros Mill two categories of mechanical pulp are manufactured: CTMP and groundwood pulp. These pulps, are available in about 25 different varieties of products with varying properties, accounting for approximately 44 per cent of the Group’s production. The production in 2020 was 179,900 tonnes, which makes the mill one of Europe's largest producers of mechanical pulp.

Rottneros Mill is in Sunne in Värmland

  • The mill has existed since the late 1800's
  • About 100 people work here
  • 95-98 per cent of the wood supplied in production is fully utilised, depending on the production line.

Rottneros Bruk AB

Adress Rottneros Bruk AB Box 144 826 23 Söderhamn
Visiting adress Rottneros Bruk 686 94 Rottneros