Rottneros Mill

Rottneros Bruk focuses on the development and production of CTMP (Chemi-Thermo-Mechanical Pulp).
The pulp is used in the production of board, packaging, tissue, filters, writing and printing paper.
Before the year 2026, capacity and production are expected to increase to 150-170 thousand
tons from today's 120 thousand tons per year.

Rottneros Mill is in Sunne in Värmland

  • The mill has existed since year 1887
  • The mill produces mechanical CTMP pulp
  • 95 per cent of the wood supplied in production is fully utilised

A tribute to the groundwood line - an important part of our mills history

Watch the film about Rottneros Bruk's groundwood line that started in 1887 and was shut down in December 2022, after 135 years in production - during the last years the last one in Sweden.

The main reasons for the shut down were long-term negative prospects for printing paper and deterioration in the electricity market.

Participating in the film are former employees who, among other things, remember how the timber was floated and transported via cable car.

Rottneros Bruk AB

Adress Rottneros Bruk AB Box 144 826 23 Söderhamn
Visiting adress Rottneros Bruk 686 94 Rottneros