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Lena Engberg, Sales department

At the Vallvik Mill sales department – in a whirlwind of order management, deliveries and invoicing – we find Lena Engberg.

What does a regular day at work involve for you?
– Briefly put, I receive and process orders, inform the warehouse managers about deliveries, interact with customers and issue invoices. We have several container bookings per week at the moment, which means there’s also a lot of work to do preparing export documents. This may involve applying for certificates from the Central Sweden Chamber of Commerce, calling up documents from our own systems, arranging insurance policies from IF and so on. Exports are subject to different requirements and involve different manuals, depending on the customer and the country.

What part of your job do you find the most fun?
– I enjoy feeling appreciated and I love how my working days are so varied. For example, I have all kinds of interactions every day, where I have to communicate in English. I also enjoy getting the documents organised for export shipments, as that allows me to plan my working day in differently, slip into my bubble and concentrate. It’s also interesting to see how the commercial culture varies from one country to another. China, for example, makes extremely high – almost impossible – demands , which means that you have to be flexible and creative.

What brought you to Rottneros?
– I started working as an assistant to the CEO in 2015, where I was employed by Rottneros AB and worked on issues involving the entire group. That was a lot of fun and highly educational. It gave me a holistic view of the business as a whole, how all the different sections join up and interact. I then switched to the sales department in 2017. I don’t think I’ve ever been as well received as I was there – we’re a really fun bunch!

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