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2007-10-25, 08:40
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Shown for the first time at Anuga, SilviPak is a new generation of natural packaging, based on pulp made from virgin wood fibres. The trays are dual ovenable and suitable for frozen and chilled ready meal products, challenging the “traditional”

CPET and aluminium trays by being more natural and reducing both packaging weight and oil consumption.

“SilviPak is perfectly aligned with our ambitions to offer super-fresh natural ready meals to the European retail market, says Jacob Hobbel Account Manager at the Belgian ready meals producer “Le Medaillon”. At Anuga, our visitors have shown a great interest in the SilviPak trays. They like the fact that they are mainly made from renewable resources and that they are cool to the touch, making it possible to hold the package directly after heating. We see many advantages with SilviPak, not in the least the modified atmosphere, MAP, functionality and that the trays can be used in the same filling line equipment as CPET”, concludes Jacob.”

Oven baked fresh salmon

“Suitable for conventional oven SilviPak gives us the opportunity to offer fresh Norwegian salmon in modified atmosphere packaging that can be prepared directly in the oven, and is both tasty and convenient for the consumer. The tray has a great stability even after being heated and is easy to recycle”, says Mr Thomas Adolf General Manager for Alaska Fisch in Germany”.

“Anuga really confirms the growing interest for SilviPak all over Europe. Several European brand owners and retailers are now either using the trays or showing very strong interest”, says Joakim Stockhaus Vice President of SilviPak, which aims to capture at least a 5% share of the European ready meal trays market in the next 3-4 years.

For additional information, please contact:

Joakim Stockhaus, Vice President SilviPak

Telephone: +46 8 590 010 00


Please also look for more information at:

Le Medaillon:

Alaska Fisch:


With its pulp-based trays made from virgin wood fibres, SilviPak is a business area within the Rottneros Group that develops, produces and sells packaging primarily for the food industry. The packaging consists of trays made from moulded wood pulp that are laminated with various barrier materials suitable for different types of food applications, e.g. chilled or frozen ready-cooked meals that can be re-heated. The trays are produced at Rottneros’ own production facilities.

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