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Improving products that benefit the environment

2018-02-19, 12:31
 - News

As a specialist in pulp development and production we are always trying to improve our products. Our goal is to make improvements that not only benefit you as a customer, but also the environment. During the past couple of months, we’ve taken some important steps on this journey.

The Swedish forests stand strong and continue to grow even though pulp production has increased. Our forests play a leading role in shifting towards a sustainable lifestyle and for every tree that is cut down in the Swedish forest industry, two new ones are planted. The processed forests grow better, enhancing the environmental benefits and increasing output. At Rottneros, we see ourselves as a natural part of this sustainable ecosystem.

When we produce high yield pulp in Rottneros Mill, as much as 95 percent of the raw material becomes pulp and sustainable products. One of these products is the molded pulp tray, manufactured by Rottneros Packaging. As our next step in developing Rottneros Packaging we are building a new production line.

In our mill in Vallvik, we produce chemical pulp. Not only are 97 percent of all chemicals recycled but the production also produces enough green energy to fuel the mill. An impressive 99 per cent of the fuel used at the mill today is fossil-free.

Lennart Eberleh


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