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Rottneros is investing in renewable energy

2023-04-26, 08:00
 - Non regulatory
The Board of Directors of Rottneros has decided to invest a total of approximately
86 MSEK in renewable electricity at Rottneros Mill. The investments include a solar park and a battery storage and are part of a long-term strategy to reduce the groups exposure to the electricity market. The start-up is planned for 2024.

The solar park is expected to generate over 3 GWh annually, which can be compared to the company's annual purchased electricity demand of around 220 GWh. The purpose of the battery storage is primarily to contribute to an improved balance on the electricity market, which also generates revenue from Svenska Kraftnät and thus a favourable return on investment.

With a clear focus on sustainability, these energy investments are well suited to achieve favourable bank financing. Initial contacts with the banks have been made and the results will be announced.

"The investments are important because they represent the first steps in our long-term and targeted work to reduce the company's exposure to the volatile electricity market while contributing to increasing the share of renewable electricity in society," says Lennart Eberleh, CEO of Rottneros


For further information, please contact:
Lennart Eberleh, CEO and President, Rottneros AB, +46 (0)270 622 65,


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