Pulp for filters

Wide range of applications

One important niche for Rottneros is pulp for manufacturing of filters. With two mills that produce specially developed grades of pulp for filter products, we have a comprehensive range of products for manufacturers of both air and liquid filters.

World-leader in automotive filters

The Rottneros Group is a world-leading supplier of filter products for the automotive industry, facilitated by the high quality for the special pulp, as well as access to cost-effective maritime transport from the deep harbour at Vallvik Mill to ports in, for example, the US. The advantages of the Group’s grades of pulp for filter products include high porosity, strength and cost efficiency. We work continuously to develop and improve our products in order to meet increasing demands on filtration capacity. When we improve our filter pulp, we are also contributing to the reduction of emissions for our customers in the automotive industry.


High quality leads to long relationships

Several of the purchasers of pulp for filters have long-term customer relationships with the Rottneros Group. The consistently high quality of the pulp combined with the assurance that Rottneros can offer in the form of service, technical customer service, stock and logistics solutions have paved the way for long-term customer relationships. In addition, the Group has high credibility through its constant market presence, independent of the state of the business cycle.


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