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​Tissue paper is the name of the grade of paper used to manufacture paper napkins, paper towels and toilet paper. Both Rottneros Mill and Vallvik Mill manufacture grades of pulp that are used for production of tissue paper. CTMP (Chemi-Thermo-Mechanical Pulp) and long-fibre sulphate pulp can all be used to manufacture tissue paper. By mixing our pulp types, we can help customers tailor a tissue paper that suits their needs.

We make sure the end product gets the right properties

The requirements for tissue paper are often many and high. Properties that must be considered include bulk, absorption, how the paper feels, how well it holds together when wet, appearance and brightness. Our technical specialists consult with customers about the types of pulp to be mixed in order to produce the right properties. One of the Group’s most recent innovations in the area is Absorption Express which, as the name suggests, offers superior absorption capacity, as well as high bulk.


Growing demand for necessary product

The market for these products is not only large, but also relatively insensitive to economic fluctuations. For example, the higher standard of living in much of Asia is resulting in steadily growing demand.


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