Preserve nature

Cellulose is a renewable and biodegradable resource. The pulp used in Rottneros trays comes from local, sustainable, certified forestry within a radius of 100 km. Up to 98 percent of the wood can be used in our production process, and the Swedish forestry legislation ensures that more trees are planted than felled, to ensure future growth.


For our climate

Rottneros wooden fibre trays help reduce the carbon footprint by as much as 75 percent compared to conventional, fossil-based packaging solutions. This is one of the findings presented in a recently completed life cycle analysis. The findings also highlight effective internal processes, where forest raw material is the core.


Circular design

The moulded wooden fibre packaging solutions are fully recyclable in the waste handling system for paper packaging. Thanks to the high quality of our fibre, it is possible to reuse the pulp multiple times. This means that new products can be based on a natural raw material that remains robust.


Biobased origin

Each fibre-based, high-barrier tray that reaches the store shelves helps reduce the volume of fossil-based plastics by around 85–90 percent. Together, we can reduce the volume of fossil-based materials that so often end up in our environment and risks harming our planet.