Technology of the future

Our resource-efficient, automated and modern high-precision technology makes it possible to manufacture light, highly accessible packaging of the highest quality. The production process is based on scalable and modular technology, which opens the door to supply where it is most needed – quickly and competitively.


Production process

We are surrounded by innovations. Our production process has developed steadily over the years. Today, it features everything from a range of patented components, specially designed to boost efficiency and productivity, to trade secrets including a full-scale, customised pulp system and an in-house developed quality monitoring system for 3D shaped products.


Production outcome

The well-defined, smooth exterior surface of the tray is created directly in each cavity. Bespoke, unique moulding tools are used to obtain optimal precision. The process allows generous opportunities to adapt the specific shape without affecting the low cycle times or high level of availability.


Product development

We make sure to guide you safely and efficiently through every step of the process from initial idea to quality approved product launch. Through mutual understanding of specific end uses, we prepare a solution that matches your needs of shape and design – exclusively or non-exclusively. From design, 3D samples, sample toolmaking to commercial production.