Rottneros produces pulp at two mills. In Vallvik, chemical pulp is produced and mechanical pulp is produced in Rottneros in Värmland. The third production unit, Rottneros Packaging, manufactures biobased food packaging. The Group also has a wood supply company in Gräsmark, Sweden and one in Latvia.

Rottneros Om Oss

Rottneros Mill

Rottneros Mill produces different varieties of flake-dried mechanical pulp, where each quality has been developed to give the final application specific properties. The mill focuses on the development and production of CTMP, where the Group is preparing extensive capacity-enhancing investments. In the year 2022, the CTMP line produced 115,400 tons, which is a new annual record. The mill's groundwood line was shut down in 2022, after over 130 years in use, partly due to reduced demand for pulp for printed media.

Vallvik Om Oss

Vallvik Mill

At Vallvik Mill, high-quality chemical pulp is produced. Among other things, the mill is a global leader in filter pulp and E-pulp for electrical applications. The factory's environmental impact is very limited thanks to the advanced circuit in the production process. In 2022, production amounted to 225,500 tonnes. The sulphate process used is not only the most common process for production of chemical pulp but it also produces a stronger pulp.


Rottneros Packaging

Rottneros Packaging have over 15 years of experience in the development of molded fibre technology. Rottneros brand Nature by Rottneros is made from mechanically produced molded pulp which gives exceptional strength and stiffness to a remarkably low weight. The molded fibre trays are now produced at the factory in Sunne. At the end of 2023, a plant will also be started in Poland with production on a large industrial scale, approximately 80 million packages per year. The aim is also to use the plant as a model to demonstrate both the high quality and a scalable and competitive production.

Nykvist Knoppar

Nykvist Skogs AB

The raw materials company Nykvist Skogs has been part of the Rottneros Group since 2020 and is run as an independent subsidiary. Nykvist Skogs is a comprehensive and certified forest player, operating throughout Värmland. They contribute to securing the Group's supply of raw materials, primarily towards private forest owners who account for around half of forest ownership in Sweden

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the Organization

Rottnero's responsibility extends beyond the company's borders. Good safety, health, sustainability and acting based on our values ​​are fundamental to our entire business. Our products can be used in fiber-based applications that replace fossil-based products. In this way, we contribute to a cleaner world and create sustainable values ​​for our stakeholders

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SIA Rottneros Baltic

Rottneros imports some of its pulp wood from Latvia by ship through its own subsidiary, SIA Rottneros Baltic, which represents a strategic component of the Rottneros Group’s pulp wood supply. SIA Rottneros Baltic is certified for traceability and has control of the origin of the wood. The imports are mainly for Vallvik Mill.

Rottneros AB

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