Moulded fibre and responsibility for the entire chain

The demand for sustainable packaging’s is rapidly increasing. We are keen to play a part in this ongoing transformation by providing solutions that make it easy to choose sustainably. Preserving our environment, minimising food- and packaging waste and reducing consumption of fossil-based materials are all second nature to us. Through our extensive experience in working with local, sustainably refined raw materials, shared values and innovative spirit, Rottneros Packaging has developed into a leading player in the field of moulded fibre.

Watch the documentary from the forests of Värmland:

In partnership with entrepreneurs and brand owners we are eager to develop new solutions.
Solutions based on natural wooden fibre of the highest quality, that adds value to your brand and contributes to a healthy planet.
With our 15 years of experience in the development of moulded fibre technology, we are setting the stage for the product range of the future.

Find out more about our packaging solutions, application range, how we contribute to reducing climate footprint and how the packaging’s are made.

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